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Wine Seminar October 2022

Wine Seminar October 2022

Our ovens have become the hearts of our homes again. Their moist breath steams the windows opaque as we bake the savory goodness provided by this year's harvest. But what wines to choose with these richer, heartwarming dishes? The lighter, Mediterranean styles of wine we depend upon in summer will surely be lost in the seasonal forest of bay leaves and peppercorns.  

Fear not, my Friends! On Wednesday, October 12th at 6 p.m., Kent Harrigan will host our second wine seminar, "Wine at Harvest Time". Make the transition from summer's sun to the oven's warmth with the perfect wine for the occasion. Be it fresh game or vegetable stew, you will come to understand the guidelines of food and wine pairing as the seasons change. Seating is limited, $40 per person, and attendees will receive 10% off featured wines purchased that evening. Please enroll at our website sign up at the winery. 

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